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Tiiksjärvi airfield photos

Updates. Discontinued? SA-pictures have a been, and I'm added and replaced

Bombs are attached underside the wings, the Fokker co-plane
Sergeant is a master shooter Olavi Elo. Tiiksjärvi 1941.09.25

Fokker co-host output in tasks that the look-out machine guns in place, the pilot climbs on the machine. Tiiksjärvi 1941.09.25
Fokker Aircraft is C. V-E reconnaissance aircraft.

Wilderness airport used for moving equipment in the home grown "kikiä" or small vessel wagon. (Kiki is also a small cock) Tiiksjärvi 1941.09.25
Figure Fokker C. V-E reconnaissance aircraft.

Finnish fighter jets leaving Tiiksjärven airport. The mechanics to pilots in place.
Tiiksjärvi 1941.09.25 - The aircraft is the Fokker D. XXI.

Junkers couriers and ambulance plane Tiiksjärven field. The machine performed valuable service during the spring thaw in the spring of 1942.
Tiiksjärvi 1942.05.21
Aircraft is a Junkers F 13 (ID JU-120). nickname Aunt-Junkers
Right-wing has been installed to facilitate the unloading chute.

The squadron emblem, the elk and the pilot, the flight master Turkka.
Tiiksjärvi 1942.07.23 - Lentuetunnus Fart - Moose,
2/24 Air Squadron Master George "Papa" Turkka.

Our machines is the bomber and its symbol is bison-bull. (visentti)
Tiiksjärvi 1942.07.31
46 Squadron's emblem

The pilot is in place and engine start-up. Tiiksjärvi 1942.07.31
46 Squadron's emblem.

The damaged aircraft. Soviet remote patrol blow  Tiiksjärvi 1942.08.04
Fokker FR-144.  Captain Pekka Käär (estonia name) flew this machine

Tiiksjärvi 1942.08.04.
Inguire Fokker XXI is back, and soviet long-patrol blow this plane, little later...

Lieutenant Kalima (center) takes part with mekanikkojensa self-service machine.
Tiiksjärvi 1943.05.18 Lieutenant Kalima (14 Squadron, 1st Squadron).
The airplane is a Morane-Saulnier M.s.406.

German light bombardment and reconnaissance aircraft will bring German war lords.
Tiiksjärvi 1943.06.20
The aircraft is a Focke-Wulf Fw 189 A.

Captain M. Tainio, head of the squadron will rise along with the machine Lotta woman
to carry him off the field Tiiksjärvi 1943.06.10

The back the Brave falcon (Morane-Saulnier 406)
sitting Lieutenant Mikko Salomaa. Squadron 14.
Tiiksjärvi 1943.06.10

Lt Gen Lundqvist inspection on the way (Tiiksjärvi) front squadron. General Lundquist greets 8513's (TLe.Lv.14) commanders and officers.Tiiksjärvi 1943.08.05

The Air Force commander Jarl Lundqvist greeted by a squadron commander in the Ragnar Magnusson.

Russian long-patrol blasting bet debris, FR xxi-planes
Tiiksjärvi 1941.10.03

FR (fokker xxi) wheels off and installation skis
Tiiksjärvi airfield 1941.11.04

Fighter planes placed in the battlefield condition Tiiksin air base.
Mechanics finger should not feel cold even at 26(c) degrees below zero.
Tiiksjärven air base 1941.11.01

Russian aiplanes are bombing of the airport area. Tiiksjärvi Airport 1942.04.10

Dornier Do 17 Z Bomber prepares to journey.
Tiiksjärven Airport 1942.01.12

Finnish bomber, Bristol Blenheim leaving to bombing-trip
Tiiksjärven Airport 1942.01.12

Bomber prepares to journey.
Tiiksjärven Airport 1942.01.12 Dornier Do 17 Z, ID DN-64.

Bombers prepared for flight condition. 
Tiiksjärven Airport 1942.01.12 Dornier Do 17 Z, ID is DN-64.

starting with two, and landing one ski
Lieutenant Kalima. Tiiksjärven Airport 1943.05.26

Gasoline is imported to the machine.
Tiiksjärvi Airport 1943.05.26

Captain Tainio coming back home base, after 100th combat flight
Tiiksjärvi Airport 1943.05.26

Morane-Saulnier 406 

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