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Praga E-51

The Praga E-51 was a two-engine military aircraft of the Czechoslovak company ČKD-Praga, which was to be used as reconnaissance aircraft and light bomber.

The designer of the aircraft was Jaroslav Šlechta. The draft was followed by an invitation to tender from the Ministry of National Defense of 1936.

The official first flight was carried out on 26 May 1938. The development of the aircraft ended with the occupation of the Czech Republic by the German Reich in March 1939.

Crew: 3
Length: 11,69 m
Wingspan: 15,60 m
Height: 4.26 m
Wing area: 35.44 m²
Leermasse: 3102 kg
Max. Start weight: 4120 kg
Travel speed: 330 km / h
Maximum speed: 380 km / h
Climbing time: at 3000 m / 7 1/2 min
Service height: 7000 m
Coverage: 1250 km
Engines: 2 × 12-cylinder V-engine Walter Sagitta I-MR with 404 kW (550 hp)
Armament: 1 movable 7,92 mm-MG vz.30
1 rigid 7.92 mm MG vz.30
500 kg bombs

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