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The ANBO VIII was a Lithuanian bomber-reconnaissance monoplane designed by Antanas Gustaitis and built by Karo Aviacijos Tiekimo Skyrius.

The ANBO VIII was a low-wing monoplane with a tailwheel landing gear, an enclosed two-seat tandem cockpit and powered by a 930 hp (694 kW) Bristol Pegasus XVIII radial engine. 
The prototype and only ANBO VIII was first flown on 5 September 1939 and was still under testing when the country was annexed by the Soviet Union. 

The prototype was removed by the Soviet authorities for testing.

                Kuvahaun tulos haulle ANBO VIII

                Kuvahaun tulos haulle ANBO VIII

                Kuvahaun tulos haulle ANBO VIII

General characteristics
Number built: 1
Crew: 2
Length: 9.5 m 
Wingspan: 13.5 m 
Wing area: 30 m2 
Empty weight: 2,300 kg 
Max takeoff weight: 3,700 kg 
Powerplant: 1 × Bristol Pegasus XVIII radial piston engine, 690 kW (930 hp)
Maximum speed: 411 km/h  at 5,000 m altitude
Minimum control speed: 113 km/h 
Service ceiling: 9,000 m
Time to altitude: 2 minutes to 1,000 m, 15 minutes to 5,000 m 
Guns: 4 × 7.7 mm  fixed forward-firing M1919 Browning mg with 500 rpg
1 × 7.7 mm  manually aimed M1919 Browning mg in the rear cockpit with 5 x 100 round boxes
Bombs: up to 600 kg on a fuselage bomb rack and/or 400 kg under the wings.
Operator: Lithuania

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